Water consciousness is multi-faceted in the desert; each with ideal uses and considerations. We use water from catchment sources for gardens (lower mineral content) and bathing – as it is generally softer than land water. Currently catchment water is not suitable for human consumption as it has contact with roofs, bird excrement and possible bacteria. Our drinking water comes from a well. Any water that comes from faucets or blue-handled spigots on the land is drinkable.

During the Summer, hot water for showering is available during daylight hours (on sunny days) via our solar water heater, which feeds the outdoor shower located between the common house and Camp Hill. Personal sponge bathing is also a possibility in most of the indoor spaces; see a resident so we can better accommodate your preferences. An indoor hot water shower is available; please do not hesitate to ask.

For your health and that of everyone else….please wash your hands frequently.