We discourage bringing your pets. To avoid pet dramas, please leave pets at home.

Animals On The Land & Can I Bring My Little Darling Pet?

You may encounter wild animals on the land or in the adjacent National Forest area. We have seen signs of mountain lions, bears, and bobcats. Elk and deer occasionally come here to graze and, of course, you will hear the call of coyotes or wild dogs almost nightly. We have several different species of snakes, including rattlesnakes, which are the only poisonous ones of the bunch and will give you fair warning with their distinctive rattle sound. Respectful humans are generally free of danger, but when leaving the land, you may want to consider going in groups of two or more.

If you must bring your familiar with you for spiritual or other health related reasons, **you will be expected to keep it contained or on a leash at all times.**When you arrive at ZMS you will notice that we already have furry friends running around. The land animals are already acclimated to this environment and to one another. They provide us with both safety (walking visitors to their tent sites, catching mice) and companionship that is essential for living in such a remote location.

We respect the animals here, both wild and domestic and seek to foster better accord between them and those living on the land. If you need to bring your pet with you, & if problems should arise, the community on the land will ask that the visitor find an alternative for boarding their pets.