Camping, Campfires, and Getting About on the Trails Oh My!

Many of the trails you see through this fragile environment are well worn. In one season, a new path can form and take decades to repair.

Please stay on the paths and camp only in designated areas. There are likely to be gardens mottled throughout the land in unlikely places, as well as trees as small as a few inches high that are part of our reforestation project. Several paths lead into the camping areas.

Try to camp close to the path to avoid destroying the soil crusts & plant life, which has little tolerance for trampling and, in some cases, can take decades to reestablish. If you would like more information on the abundant yet extremely fragile cryptobiotic lifeforms on the land, please ask a Steward.  Never drive or park your car off the road.  Designated parking spots are easy to find.

This arid climate experiences its share of wildfires, which can destroy an area our size in less than a day. So, before lighting a fire anywhere, you must check with one of us.

Campfires / Bonfires are allowed only in Authorized Fire pits / Stoves with sufficient water barrels. Also, be cautious when smoking.

We have a designated smoking area, with plenty of containers for proper disposal of flammable materials. We request that you smoke in that area only, especially during “High” fire danger.