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About Us

DSCN8623-001 (640x480)Zuni Mountain Sanctuary is a Radical Faerie community dedicated to providing an environment for spiritual growth and renewal of the mind, body, and soul of Radical Faeries, and those of like minds and spirits. The Sanctuary is situated on a land trust of 320 acres at 7200′ in the Zuni Mountains of north-western New Mexico. Our community works to create an earth-oriented rural permaculture which supports both our individual & collective spiritual creative growth.

ZMS Pottery

ZMS Pottery

ZMS began in the early part of 1996, when several earth-centered folk moved onto this land and started building community. The current Stewards & visitors living or staying here have agreed to protect the land by restoring and maintaining Mother Earth’s natural beauty. We celebrate lunar, solar, and seasonal changes as a way to maintain connection with the Earth.

Zuni Mountain Sanctuary exists through the infinite generosity, hard work and moral support of stewards and other supporting members.  Our goal is to be self-sufficient but not insular. Please help support your sanctuary’s efforts by making a seasonal contribution, financial or otherwise.

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit, tax-exempt organization under religious/educational auspices chartered in the state of New Mexico.