Atop the Main House
Atop the Main House


Hello faeries & welcome to the digital presence of the
Zuni Mountain Sanctuary.

We see here, on the land, the winter slumber is being push aside by the emerging spring time energy of growth, greening & a little faerie grandiosity. It is time to celebrate the coming together of the female & male energy that happens every Spring & celebrated in the form of the millinea-old pagan tradition of Beltane.
Yes, mother earth – wet, warm & ripe welcomes the bold thrust of a wooden phallus, the May pole, in recognition of fertility & renewal.  Dancing in joy, circling, entwining the hard sapling with our fertility ribbons until we cum together in climactic ectasy.  That my friends is the annual May 1st celebration of Beltane.  Will you join us?

Beginning sometime around Sunday, April 24th we gather here at ZMS to offer some tender, loving care to  the land, the animals & the buildings.  Specifically, the Studio has had a slow renewal so we come together, roll up our sleeves and finish the installation of insulation & hanging sheet rock.  To be realistic, it’s a short to-do list.

In between the sweat, stapling & hammering there will be some kitchen magic coming from the Common House.  Join us, bring your recipes & ingredients for sharing.

Spring days are warm but be prepared to bundle up at night in this mountain desert climate.  Our Visitor’s Guide offers valuable info, please open the link,  read it to maximize your joy here at
Zuni Mountain Sanctuary.  Peace


Vision Statement

 ZMS is a Radical Faerie sanctuary.  A consensus run, earth friendly, queer land project dedicated to the sustenance and well being of faeries and like-minded folk.


We seek to manifest the truth of healing beyond personal expansion in the context of a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, serving those who have chosen the path of queer science-fantasy.  As a spiritual entity, recognized by the state of New Mexico and federal government, we chop the wood and carry the water of a dynamic, rural, everyday living ritual.  We invite with our dance, dreams and visions for the magical business of creating a thriving epicenter of rain.  ZMS is committed to delivering packages of care and wonder

in the Ever-now.

News from the Notch

Dear Friends and FAEmily of Zuni Mountain Sanctuary,

Yooo-hooooo!  We are preparing for winter & we are seeking  your matching funds to purchase propane for cooking,  before the effects of winter set in.  Faerie angel John L. offers to match funds up to $1000.  It’s easy to help out:  Go here to match your funds:
With the matching winter funds we can make sure our wood pile is stoked for our heat source.   Since Springtime there are more animals on the land now.  Over the summer our chicken flock expanded.  Three foster goats joined us in September so come Beltane our goat cheese factory will kick in full time.  In the meantime, for winter, your matching funds will stock animal food + love & support.
egg producer!
What else has been happening?  Firstly, a Brief from the Notch…

The summer at the Sanctuary brought bountiful rains to the Zuni Mountains.  The lower pond is as full as it has been in years.  The flowers, birds, butterflies, mosquitoes and bats were in riotous abundance this season.  Through the year Stewards – in different phases of committing to the residency process – have resided & worked the land with love, sweat & tears.

Studio transformation ~ August dinner theater
Studio transformation ~ August dinner theater

Mark your calendar for August 2016 when Zuni Mountain Sanctuary celebrates 20 years of Radical Faeries holding space in Sanctuary..

after a rainy Spring & Summer
after a rainy Spring & Summer

Many visitors have extended stays from Spring through Summer & drifting with the Fall winds.  Inspired improvements include beautiful vegetable gardens, water infrastructure projects, road grading and repairs, a completed pump house, named Ramon, for the well’s solar system, an evolving swamp cooler for the walk-in fridge, tweaked power system for the Common House, and the Studio has a new metal roof, wood floor, entrance doors, interior paint job, and improved electrical lighting.  Your generous donations will allow some additional insulation to be added just in time.

Mentioned earlier, chickens & goats have joined four-leggeds, Guadalupe and Alice B Toklas.  During the Gathering this last August, a new Board of Directors formed with former resident Maqui joining as Coordinator.  Argent is taking on Treasurer duties and Flittr returns as Secretary.  Another new Board Member is our Faerie angel  Bruce Man-do.  Thank you Bruce!

 The main project still in play on the land is shoring up our central facility – the Common House and completing the Studio.  Having already mentioned renovations, it is perhaps best to let images speak for themselves. Included in the sites updates are a number of photos which show the Studio before and after.  In August there was a lovely Dinner Theater and Know Talent Show hosted during Faerie University.  Enjoy the colorful inside eye.
Come visit during Thanksgiving.  Looking for a winter experience in the mountain desert?  Chop wood, carry water, feed the animals, read several good books, stoke the fire, make some soup, meditate & view the Notch.
 meditate on form
In the meantime, we thank you for whatever you can find in your hearts and pockets to share with the greater Queer community that calls Zuni Mountain Sanctuary, “Homo Sweet Homo”.
To make end-of-year tax-deductible donations send a check, ear-marked for “Studio” or “General Operations” to:
ZMS ℅ Maqui

P. O. Box 636
Ramah, NM 87321

or visit us at:
*All donations are tax deductible.  Our Federal Tax ID is  85-0447095

Lovingly Yours,
Us, Wee and the In-Betweens,
The Stewards of Zuni Mountain Sanctuary

7 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Hello,

    I was very excited to discover ZMS! I am currently living in El Paso and hope that I can meet you all soon. I have never attended any kind of rad fae event, but I have wanted to for years.

    Not really a point to this message, other than reaching out to say hello.


  2. Hello Fae kin. I am a friend of Nomenus Sanctuary in Wolf Creek. I am traveling through the SW and feel drawn to visit Zuni Mountain Sanctuary. Is the land accepting visitors at this time? I would likely arrive between May 14-16th and would like to stay over night one day. I was not able to make it to Bealtaine at any of the Radical Faerie Sanctuaries and feel I need to spend some time with the land in the space where I feel home. I can help with cooking, cleaning, offer a hand with any projects you have going to. My FB is “Jordana Nola” and my email is above.
    Blessings of Love and Light! – Jordana

  3. I was wondering if I can visit the sanctuary tomorrow sat may 16. I’m on a short vacation trip. My fairie name is cowboy and I live in dallas. I came when zuni first opened in the 90s. I am in durango co at the moment. You may not see this but let me know. I leave alberquerque on wed.

    1. Hey there I’m going to be living near pine hill part time and am looking to make accepting connections in the area I’m Danny I hope to visit u guys

  4. I am looking for Owl, former name Peter who I met in Albuquerque 25 years ago. If he is there have him send me an email.

    Orie Thompson

  5. Handy Randy just tied up a year at the Hanuman Temple as maintenance guy. Had a wonderful time and now considering a move. I’m told I’m a pretty wonderful cook.

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